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Moorestown, NJ
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  Coaches Team Reps., and Managers, Please use...
  Coaches Team Reps., and Managers, Please...
Team Page & Roster
  FBLL Coaches & Club Reps. Each...

Coaches Team Reps., and Managers,
Please use the link below to learn how to access & communicate with your team via the SJQL system.  If you need any further help, feel free to reply.  I will do my best to help you!

We look forward to seeing you in Moorestown this fall!
Lee Ann, Baron and Bryan
Coaches Team Reps., and Managers,

Please use the link below to access the Team Contacts Tab on the website.  If your contact information is currently out of date, please log into your account to update it.  Each year, I do my best to help out teams where they are short players.  We respectfully ask you to contact one another if your team is short and you need a few substitutions.  I will continue to post your player request info. on the website and blast out to registered players.  We hope you find the contact list helpful this fall.
If you need any help for the first week, kindly reply and I will post the info asap.
As far as player substitution rules go, you can always invite any registered league player to help your team from week to week if you are short, not to increase # of players on your roster or strength of your team.  No outside the league players can help out.  You have until Sept. 14th to register players on your team.
Tip: Choose a season (Fall Brawl Lax League) and expand the divisions to see contact info for specific teams.

A few reminders:

All 9th graders will play in the HS division.

7th/8th graders can participate in the HS division with coach/parental permission.

Please keep in mind the league was developed to allow spring youth and HS teams to play together.  No select or travel teams are allowed to enter the league at this time.  No one should be recruiting from other towns/programs to build or strengthen their team.  Coaches found actively recruiting will be dismissed from the league.

Only registered and paid players can participate in the league.  Players can not be rostered on multiple teams, but can sub for a team at the appropriate level if needed.  Each player will be assigned a # and received a league pinnie the first week of games.  If no payment has been received, the player(s) will not receive a pinnie and can not participate until payment is received.

Pinnies-Coaches, Managers or Club Reps, please stop by the check in table to pick up team pinnies.  Please distribute pinnies to the correct player.  You will recieve a roster with pinnie number/player listed.   Any players who has not paid will have to bring payment and pick up pinnie at the check in table in order to participate.

How to navigate to your team's roster page.
From the "Teams" tab at the top of the website, navigate to your team's page and click the Roster page on the left navigation.

Team Page
To find you team page use the 3 vertical drop downs at the top of the page and select:

  • Season: Fall 2019
  • League: Team Division (HS, 7/8, 5/6)
  • Team: Team Name (Your team name)
Kindly reply with any further questions.
Thank you,
Lee Ann, Baron & Bryan
Team Page & Roster

FBLL Coaches & Club Reps.

Each Fall Brawl Team has a Team Page & Roster-Check it out!  I plan to use the Team Page for most communications this season, since I can communicate via email with all registered coaches/club reps. and players from the team page.  The info. you receive via email will be posted on your team page.
To view your Team Page & Roster, go to the Team Tab at the top of the website and select from the drop down options:

  • Season (on left): Fall Teams 2019
  • League (middle):  Select division HS, 7/8, 5/6
  • Team (on right): Team name, scroll down to your team, most are listed by team division/coach name or school name/division
  • Select Roster from the drop downs on the left side of the page
    • Bookmark or save this page and continue to monitor it.
    • You should have 16-21, (25 at max by request) players on your roster.  If you need additional help or need to merge with another partial team, please let me know ASAP.

Communication will be via email.  It is important to make sure that your email information is correct in the registration system.  These are the email addresses that will be used to communicate.  If you would like to update or add/remove an email, log in to your account on the website to make changes.  CLICK HERE

Please make sure your US Lacrosse membership is current.  This is mandatory for participation in the league.

US Lax Membership-http://www.uslacrosse.org/membership.aspx

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reply.

Thank you,

Lee Ann, Baron and Bryan